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With the help of a dedicated e-board, WRUC is still operating virtually as a source for new and underground music. Sure, there’s Spotify and Apple Music, but the experience is often made confusing by algorithms that think they know what you want to listen to, as well as the sheer volume of music available at your fingertips.

That’s why we’re launching our new weekly playlist series, SOUNDS OF SPRING TERM. Each week, a different WRUC DJ will curate a playlist designed specifically for their fellow Union students to stay sane while in quarantine. The initial announcement will be posted on our Instagram (@wruc89.7fm) every week, with a link to this page.

#1: Sata Diakite, Jr. General Manager / DJ
///// Beats2Beat Quarantine /////

#2: Hana Young, Jr. Public Relations Chair / DJ
///// Survival Mode: Quarantine Edition /////

#3: Noah Couturier, Tech Director
///// Relaxing Background Sounds /////

#4: Michelle Moina, DJ / E-Board Member
///// quarantine and I have an understanding /////

#5: Kwesi Blankson, DJ
///// Unapologetically Black (powerful, anthemic songs by Black artists) /////

#6: Neila Watson, Music Director + DJ
///// Pushing Through (songs by contemporary Black & LGBTQ artists) /////

Spotify users can listen directly to the playlist, and others can extract the tracklist from the display below and play the songs through the music service of your choosing.

We hope you’re all safe and healthy as you read this. We hate having to be apart from our beloved station until this fall. But just because we’re on a live broadcasting hiatus doesn’t mean we can’t still be a hub for Union’s community of music lovers. Our station continues to play the automated playlist it does during open time slots, and is available as always via online streaming (see the home page) and local radio :)

Valentines Day Review: Love Mix 2017 – Giraffage

This Valentine’s Day, we here at WRUC have decided to review Giraffage’s “Love Mix 2017,” a compilation mix of a couple dozen unreleased edits of love songs. The remix is about a half hour long, and incorporates the music of a variety of artists, merging their styles together into a conglomerate that for some is pleasurable, but for some may be overbearing.

Upon hearing the first few minutes of the mix, I was not exactly hooked. The beat was great, and Giraffage certainly knows how to pick clips, but the style just doesn’t appeal to me personally. After having listened to more than just the first few minutes, my opinion remained the same — the beat is pleasant but not nearly enough to tie in all of the music and make it something that I would listen to again.

This opinion, however, was not the prevailing opinion; Fez, our GM felt that he was “caressed by the music,” calling the mix “beautiful and chill.”

Trevor, on the other hand, liked the mix even though it is not a genre that he particularly listens to. He thought that the song provides a slow, relaxing atmosphere. The blend of both the instrumentals and the vocals were mixed well with enough interesting variety throughout the entirety of the song. The duration and atmosphere of the song allows for listeners to kick back in a cozy environment with friends.