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  • TIEN brings it in Invitation

    A few weeks ago at WRUC we ran into a copy of Invitation. It’s the freshman shot by TIEN, and artist from LA, funded on Kickstarter. TIEN brings a mix of funk, soul, and r&b to a record that feels like a genuinely viable popular success. The hooks groove like hell, the lyrics are poppy,…

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  • Milo’s “a toothpaste suburb”

    Hellfyre Club, the label/rap collective based in Los Angeles, California, has been churning out boundary challenging hip-hop projects the past few years by artists like Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle. Hellfyre’s newly recruited member, milo, has a very distinct sound with his spoken word like delivery, atmospheric instrumentals, and abstract lyricism. This is his first…

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  • Odesza drops their first album ‘In Return’

    The electronic duo has only been in the scene for 2 years now but has just dropped what I have to consider the best electronic album of 2014. If you’re into chill/funky electronic it’s definitely worth the listen. The whole album or vinyl can be purchased at:

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